Tangram Flex, Inc. Announces New Tangram Pro™ DevSecOps Integrations

Tangram Flex_ Inc. Announces New Tangram Pro™ DevSecOps Integrations

Tangram Flex, Inc., a Dayton, Ohio based software company delivering rapid integration with confidence, announces that its leading Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) for mission critical systems, Tangram Pro™, now has DevSecOps integration with three Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) toolsets.

Tangram Pro™ bridges the treacherous gap between system design and software component implementation with a practical engineering workspace for assured component deployment.

Its DevSecOps pipeline integrations enable systems engineers and embedded system developers to adopt a CI/CD strategy for component oriented engineering. The three integrations include the enterprise and publicly hosted versions of GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

“The Tangram Pro™ CI/CD integrations accelerate adoption of DevSecOps practices for embedded software development by reducing the time and effort to set up CI/CD pipelines for modular open systems architectures” said John Weis, Director of Software Engineering at Tangram Flex. “DevSecOps, modular open systems architectures, and digital engineering are required to deliver at the speed of relevance.”

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Adam Barnard, Chief Engineer of Autonomous Systems at BAE Systems states, “To confidently deliver rapidly reconfigurable autonomous systems is no small task. Tangram Pro™ helps us to compose solutions that meet the needs of today’s dynamic mission systems”.

“At Tangram Flex we are committed to providing missions faster access to innovation by enabling our customers who build and maintain mission critical systems capability for rapid integration with confidence” stated Matt Naveau, Director of Engineering at Tangram Flex. “This CI/CD integration capability is another part of our strategy to bridge the Treacherous Gap”.

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