Team-IIS Enhances Data Governance Services and Legacy Data Migration Solutions to Microsoft 365 Through Partnership With LAE Software

Team-IIS Enhances Data Governance Services and Legacy Data Migration Solutions to Microsoft 365 Through Partnership With LAE Software

Team-IIS, a leader in archiving platform support services, legacy data migrations, information governance solutions, and unstructured data analytics — together with LAE Software, a renowned innovator in IT business operations — jointly announce a partnership where Team-IIS will integrate LAE Software‘s PST Migrator with its professional services.

This collaboration strengthens the TEAM-IIS Microsoft 365 migration solution offerings with a purpose-built PST migration and identification tool to assist organizations on their journey to full data compliance.

“Our partnership with LAE Software significantly strengthens our professional service offerings to enterprise customers,” said Dennis Smith, founder and CEO of Team-IIS. “By integrating LAE Software’s PST Migrator with our Microsoft 365 migration solutions, we can assure data management best practices and that corporate governance is upheld,” continued Dennis Smith.

“Once upon a time, using PST files made good business sense when storage was limited and expensive. Fast-forward 20 years and these same PST files present a significant risk; by design, they can be anywhere and everywhere at once, famously prone to corruption, and on average weigh 1.3 GB (10,000+ emails),” said Jim Comer, Vice President of Sales Team-IIS.

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“Merely a container, the PST itself does not fall under compliance obligations; it’s the email and attachments within that do. More often than not, that container can exist outside the corporate environment, is challenging to discover, and even more demanding to search. Further complicating matters, PST files are rarely backed up, leaving end-users and the business vulnerable to data loss.

Moving forward, the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 now provide more effective means to retain and manage email centrally, so end-users no longer need to store email locally within PST files. Looking back, be aware of the severe danger of forgotten data, and eliminate the risk now,” continued Jim Comer.

“Customers appreciate the substantial decrease in administrative costs after migrating their PST files with PST Migrator,” said Chad Baker, President of LAE Software. “The costs associated with drive recovery services, lost productivity restoring data, IT support, backup systems and enterprise storage are massive, not to mention the price of a data breach. Furthermore, PST Migrator uses existing infrastructure, has a very light footprint, and does not disrupt networks or business practices as it seamlessly migrates PST files while preserving their data structure. We are confident that this partnership will benefit both companies and will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction by mitigating the risk associated with residual PST files,” continued Chad Baker.

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