Swimlane And Elastic Work In Partnership To Provide An Expandable Framework For Security Operations Teams

Swimlane and Elastic work in partnership to provide an expandable framework for security operations teams

Swimlane , provider of the industry-leading security automation platform, and Elastic (NYSE: ESTC), the company behind Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack , today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to bring security teams in to help the whole world dismantle the bunkers in their security processes and provide a force multiplier for security operations teams who are relentlessly grappling with overwhelming threats.

This partnership will improve existing product integration and jointly develop new skills to help security teams do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

With united forces for size and automation

The main integration enables even highly distributed teams that are responsible for security operations to work much more smoothly in connection with contextualization and threat containment. This saves time that is critical for success, which allows analysts to quickly narrow down warning messages and thus minimize the damage caused by threats.

Swimlane and Elastic are planning further improvements to the product experience through:

  • An expandable framework that extends beyond the security operations center to other aspects of ITOPs, DevOps, cloud, and more
  • Extended support for use cases to help improve key metrics such as dwell time, mean time to recovery (MTTR), and false positivity rates
  • Features that automate a wider variety of safety data, including real-time improvement from an extensive integration ecosystem
  • Improved compliance and auditing functions to support decision-making and file management

On a solid basis

Swimlane has long had robust integrations with the Elastic Stack, which enables security teams to optimize incident response, threat data management, and threat detection.

Thanks to new integrations with Elastic Security, the SOC teams can access advanced support for threat reporting, case management and incident resolution, which is provided via the case and timeline capabilities within Elastic Security. It can also automate the management of SIEM analyzes based on security incidents and telemetry.

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Coupled with the broad visibility created by Elastic’s hugely scalable approach to cross-data source searches – security data, observability data, IoT data, and more – customers will enjoy better leverage on existing security investments.

The importance of transparency in security

Swimlane and Elastic both firmly believe that an open approach to safety works best.

Swimlane offers an extensive set of features integrated with the most common security tools of the cloud age and supported by a diverse community of users and security professionals who openly share the recommended methods of playbook development and incident response.

For Elastic, integrating and developing features easily with the Elastic Stack is a top priority. The Elastic Code is kept in public depots and the company is constantly committed to an open development process and transparent and direct interaction with the community.


  • Together, Swimlane’s platform and Elastic’s solutions provide a unique combination of visibility and actionability needed by security teams to address modern threats and improve the overall cybersecurity posture, ”said Cody Cornell , Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Swimlane. “The technology surface for which the teams are responsible is bigger than ever and is constantly increasing. The ability to aggregate, search and implement security telemetry on a large scale is one of the most important success-determining factors for security teams today and will continue to do so in the future. “
  • “Swimlane is an important part of the Elastic ecosystem. We aim to deepen the partnership between Elastic Security and Swimlane to deliver the best integrated product experience to our customers, ”said Nate Fick , General Manager of Security, Elastic.

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