Tesseract Ventures Partners with CYDERES to Spearhead Initiatives in Cybersecurity

Tesseract Ventures

A partnership between these two revolutionaries, award-winning cyber startups provides companies with scalable solutions to address current and future cybersecurity challenges

Tesseract Ventures, a Kansas City-based technology company helping organizations become smarter, better connected, and more efficient through next-generation robotics, 21st-century software and radically connected platforms, today announced it has selected CYDERES, Fishtech Group’s Security-as-a-Service division, as a partner to assess, align and service the cybersecurity space. This partnership will disrupt the current market, providing more cost-effective and scalable solutions to companies across all of Tesseract’s verticals including the construction, medical and military industries.

“CYDERES’ capabilities to analyze unlimited security telemetry with its Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP) and the revolutionary power of Google Chronicle that Tesseract will have access to through the partnership ensures that we will have the same level of incredible insight over our security program as we bring to the table through our market expertise,” said John Boucard, founder and CEO, Tesseract Ventures. “Most importantly, the CYDERES Managed Detection and Response solution will keep our organization, employees, critical intellectual property, and our customer-facing systems safe and secure.”

This partnership contributes to Tesseract and CYDERES’ positions as leading innovators of the quietly revolutionary Kansas City business community. Aggregating CYDERES’ innovative security and analytics solution with its own advanced technology, Tesseract is able to protect its intellectual property as well as strengthen the service it provides current and future customers. CYDERES’ skilled analysts will pilot the process of using data collected from Tesseract’s PRISM wearable robots and digital ecosystem to make insightful decisions and provide real-time alerts. Customers can safely store all their data and have the option to receive follow up services activated by Tesseract’s Mosaic and Prism System and serviced by CYDERES. Tesseract’s partnership with CYDERES sets sights on disrupting the cyber tech and cybersecurity industries and furthering its product and service offerings among its other verticals.

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“Tesseract is enabling businesses to defy the boundaries of space and time through next-generation technologies including robots, smart spaces, wearables, and radically connected platforms,” said Eric Foster, president, CYDERES. “While of course, it’s important to protect both Tesseract and the impressive class of clients that it serves, this partnership goes far beyond CYDERES protecting Tesseract—there are many applications of Tesseract’s cyber-physical tools that are directly applicable to our clients, and we are excited to get started.”

With aggregated technology and resources, these partners meet at the intersection of people, processes, and technology to provide better solutions for both companies’ clients. Additionally, this partnership paves the way to future offerings for Tesseract’s customers from Fishtech Group’s other subsidiaries and divisions.