Intelligent Waves Partners with Wire to Deliver a Secure, Mobile Collaboration Solution

Intelligent Waves

The defense and intelligence IT systems integrator and end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform will create an enhanced solution for mission-critical communications

Intelligent Waves LLC, a leading and trusted IT systems integrator, today announced a partnership with Wire, the most secure collaboration platform. This value-added reseller (VAR) partnership will enable Intelligent Waves to customize IT solutions with Wire’s platform – including end-to-end encrypted messenger, voice, video conference calls, and file sharing – for federal government agencies with mission-critical security requirements.

Last year government agencies saw a slew of cyberattacks, with more than 70 U.S. state and local governments falling victim to ransomware.

As knowledge workers across all industries have needed to work from home this year, the vulnerability of sensitive information and the consequent need to secure digital communications is at an all-time high. Using Wire, government departments can be assured that all agency intelligence, sensitive files, and other information remain solely in the hands of the organization. Intelligent Waves will integrate Wire alongside Hypori, its military-grade security, zero-footprint technology, to enhance its secure mobile solutions suite that assures 100% separation of personal and corporate data and scalable, security-first infrastructure.

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“Intelligent Waves has a proven track record in providing robust and secure communications – particularly to the federal sector,” said Tony Lam, Vice President, Global Systems Integrators and Partnerships at Wire. “As remote and mobile work becomes a staple across enterprise and government organizations, our customers will demand secure collaboration solutions that truly protect their digital assets. This partnership ensures we deliver a customized, comprehensive, and security-first solution for even the most complex IT environments.”

Intelligent Waves’ Federal Solutions Group merges system integration expertise with trusted value-added reseller (VAR) partnerships to offer customized hardware and software-based services to meet the government’s complex IT requirements. The company’s technical acumen and extensive experience in deployed environments has enabled it to provide cost-effective, turnkey solutions that organizations cannot get from a traditional IT company or equipment reseller.

“We are excited to add Wire to our highly-secure collaboration solutions portfolio. Our federal agency clients will benefit from our new capability to integrate Wire along with Hypori, to meet the mission-critical security requirements,” John Hammes, Senior Director of Innovation Research & Development at Intelligent Waves, LLC, said. “Wire will allow us further to leverage our Research and Integration Division (RaID), to rapidly deploy Intelligent Waves’ dedicated team of highly-skilled expert engineers to solve the most complex mobility problems and collaborate with clients at our Innovation Center (IWIC), a comprehensive IT environment able that supports rapid prototyping of solutions and training/testing for projects and personnel for mission-critical, on-demand solutions.”

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Intelligent Waves’ Hypori makes truly secure “bring your own device” (BYOD) a reality for the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Hypori, an agentless virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) solution, leaves no data at rest on an end-user physical device. By combining BYOD with “company-owned/personally enabled” (COPE) capability, Hypori has been established as CSfC certified for classified usage, while simultaneously addressing security gaps associated with MDM solutions.