Thales and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership in France

Thales and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership in France-01

Thales and Google Cloud announced on Oct. 6 a strategic agreement to jointly develop a sovereign hyperscale cloud offering for France. With this new offer, French companies and public sector organizations will benefit from all the power, security, flexibility, agility and sovereignty offered by the respective technologies of the two companies.

Operated by a joint venture, with Thales as the majority shareholder, the contract will meet the highest French legal and technical requirements of “Reliable Cloud”, allowing public and private sector companies, which need to comply with the criteria defined by the France’s Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), receive the benefits of cloud computing services under the country’s sovereign cloud strategy.

The Trusted Cloud seal will offer a double level of security – legal and technical – and will allow French companies and administrations to benefit from the best cloud services . Some of the most efficient cloud services in the world are published by non-European companies. These solutions will also be eligible for identification under certain conditions, namely with regard to the entity that operates these services and the location of the data.

The offer is based on the most advanced technologies and services of each partner. Thales, a leader in cybersecurity for over 40 years, will bring the necessary guarantees of France’s sovereign requirements by ensuring cryptographic key management, access, identities and threat monitoring through its Cybersecurity Operations Center. In doing so, it will provide the levels of trust and security required by French customers so they can move their most sensitive applications to the cloud and maintain control.

Google Cloud services, which will be regularly improved and complemented with innovations, will bring elasticity, agility and technological openness, allowing companies to innovate in a transparent and autonomous way, without depending on the supplier.

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Broadly speaking, the benefits of a set of hyperscale cloud services (cloud computing based on a computing architecture optimized in terms of storage, power, energy consumption and scalability) are:

– Operation by a dedicated and newly formed company under French law, controlled mostly by Thales;

– Hosting in France, on a separate Google Cloud infrastructure, with a separate network and servers controlled and operated by the new company;

– Local support, ensuring that customer service is done in France;

– Local protection with identity management, data encryption, administration and supervision offered by the new company;

– Regular improvement through continuous software updates, which are evaluated and validated in a security area managed by Thales; and

– Management in a sustainably developed infrastructure.

” To adapt to the diverse cloud needs of our customers, Thales seeks partnerships in its ecosystem. Thanks to this unique cooperation with Google Cloud, we can help drive digital transformation in companies of all sizes and industries, who want to maintain control and sovereignty over your data and that of your customers. Together, we will address government-defined criteria for a trusted cloud, as well as environmental goals with a sustainable approach to the infrastructure we will build,” says Marc Darmon, Executive Vice President of Secure Communications and Information Systems at Thales.

” Thales and Google Cloud have a joint vision to offer the most innovative and reliable solutions to companies and public sector organizations in France. Our unique approach to address the concerns of French citizens and government bodies, including the development of a new company , ensures organizations benefit from cloud innovation and agility without compromising the security, privacy and sovereignty required by the French government,” says Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

” The national government cloud strategy clearly specifies the willingness of the State to use and promote reliable cloud offerings and high performance. The challenge is to have the widest possible range of solutions in accordance with SecNumCloud repository, detailing safety rules technical, operational and legal capable of effectively protecting data and processes hosted in a cloud service. As such, ANSSI enthusiastically welcomes this ambitious project that meets these criteria,” says Guillaume Poupard, Managing Director of ANSSI.

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