Netenrich Introduces a Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence Solution for Faster Detection, Insight, and Response to Immediate Threats

Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence

Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) and Knowledge Now (KNOW) Integrate to Mitigate Brand Exposure, Bridge Skills Gaps, and Reduce SecOps Efforts by 15x

Netenrich, a Resolution Intelligence company, today announced an integrated Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence offering to help enterprises reduce their digital brand exposure while overcoming skills gaps. Two new products, Knowledge Now (KNOW), a free global threat intelligence tool, and Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) combine to deliver rich, an actionable context for faster, more proactive response to known and emerging cyber threats.

KNOW and ASI address growing risk and alert fatigue that IT and SecOps professionals face on a daily basis. ASI lets security teams continuously see what adversaries see as they target brand exposure and shadow IT vulnerabilities. KNOW provides global threat information that lets analysts learn about, search, and gain rich context into malicious activity up to 15x faster.

“Threat intelligence and internal telemetry only paint a portion of the picture that does not always show the riskiest parts of the infrastructure,” says Brandon Hoffman, CISO at Netenrich. “With automation, context, and an outside-in perspective, we are changing the dynamic for SecOps, enabling them to focus on the most important risks in a timely fashion.”

“Consistent, effective outcomes in cybersecurity operations are challenging to achieve,” said Eric Parizo, Senior Analyst at Omdia. “Netenrich offers a compelling approach to threat research and intelligence. Its new Attack Surface Intelligence solution helps enterprises overcome SecOps obstacles by turning insights into resolutions with efficiency and precision.”

ASI focuses on an organization’s dynamic attack surface through AI-driven monitoring and discovery. Automated scans help analysts find, evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate risk from the port, protocol, and service exposure through:

  • Domain exposure
  • Compromised e-mail addresses
  • IP addresses, open ports
  • Certificates
  • Misconfigurations
  • Vulnerabilities with active exploit intel from KNOW
  • Digital exposure from code repositories, public cloud, shadow IT

“Threat intelligence tools typically do a very superficial job in finding the threat but analysts are craving context to make this information relevant and actionable,” said John Bambenek, VP of Security Research and Intelligence at ThreatSTOP. “In order to move from ‘admiring the problem’ to actually preventing breaches, it is absolutely essential to go deeper and make that information available to analysts.”

The global news engine, KNOW, reduces time spent researching the latest cyber threats with curated insight from trusted sources and context vetted by Netenrich experts. KNOW goes deeper than competing solutions by delivering a detailed context of specific threats and threat indicators.

Where analysts might spend hours or days manually searching for the latest threat information, news and updates appear in KNOW immediately, saving users hours of valuable time for more important tasks. An intuitive dashboard displays information sorted by trending threats, recent activity, and related topics.

“Deriving meaningful insights amongst the barrage of information from internal and external sources of security data is a daily struggle,” said Sean Cordero, Principal, and Founder of Cloud Watchmen, Inc. “Contextualizing correlated and prioritized insights against the backdrop of new threats can move an enterprise closer to achieving a utopian-like SOC capability.”

ASI and KNOW streamline IT and SecOps to reach advanced levels of resolution intelligence and helping drive actionable results:

  • 24X7 continuous coverage
  • More proactive, preventive approach
  • Faster action to prevent attacks
  • Bridges critical skills gaps
  • Stronger overall security posture

Try KNOW for free to get the latest cybersecurity news and threat updates in one curated tool. Learn more about ASI by contacting us for a personalized demo.