ThreatX Collaborates With Cyversity & ICIT To Advance Cybersecurity Training Opportunities

ThreatX Collaborates With Cyversity & ICIT To Advance Cybersecurity Training Opportunities

ThreatX, the leading API and application protection platform, today announced new corporate partnerships with Cyversity, an organization focused on achieving consistent representation of women and underrepresented minorities in the cybersecurity industry; and the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), the nation’s leading cybersecurity think tank. Each of these organizations work to expand access to cybersecurity training resources, while aiming to help fill the current cybersecurity skills gap.

To support both organizations’ members, ThreatX is providing nearly 150 hours of online cybersecurity training at no cost, via the ThreatX Academy. Launched in November 2022, ThreatX Academy courses provide an accessible and approachable opportunity for those looking to begin, or advance, their cybersecurity careers. Courses cover a broad range of topics from the 100 to 300 levels, including application security, networking, access control, and data security, among others.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from many great leaders in cybersecurity,” said Gene Fay, CEO of ThreatX “I am thrilled for ThreatX to partner with Cyversity and ICIT and bring more cybersecurity training programs to those pursuing careers in the industry.”

With a cybersecurity workforce gap of 3.4 million people, it’s more critical than ever that access to resources and training become a top priority. Offering classes at no cost is one way ThreatX hopes to help shrink this gap.

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“We are grateful for the support and partnership of ThreatX in fulfilling Cyversity’s mission to provide individuals from underserved communities with access to cybersecurity training and mentorship,” said Beverly Benson, Executive Director at Cyversity. “This training will provide our members with the knowledge needed to enter into the workforce and gain a jump start in their cybersecurity careers, increasing their chances of success.”

“We are honored to join forces with ThreatX to leverage their unique and highly complementary training platform to strengthen the cybersecurity workforce and help cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity leaders, a key pillar of ICIT’s mission,” said Parham Eftekhari, founder and chairman of ICIT.

Cyversity was created as a 501(c)3 non-profit association dedicated to the academic and professional success of minority cybersecurity students and professionals. Cyversity tackles the ‘great cyber divide’ with scholarship opportunities, diverse workforce development, innovative outreach, and mentoring programs.

ICIT is the nation’s leading cybersecurity think tank providing objective, nonpartisan research, advisory, and education to legislative, commercial, and public-sector cybersecurity stakeholders. ICIT’s mission is to cultivate a cybersecurity renaissance that will improve the resiliency of our Nation’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors, defend our democratic institutions, and empower generations of cybersecurity leaders.

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