Knowmadics & Novacoast Forms Alliance To Deliver Personal Security Protection For Corporate & Government Personnel

Knowmadics & Novacoast Forms Alliance To Deliver Personal Security Protection For Corporate & Government Personnel

Knowmadics, a provider of innovative end-to-end solutions for duty of care, today announced a strategic partnership with Novacoast, a Cybersecurity, Identity and Access company specializing in managed security, engineering, development and advisory services. Knowmadics will work with Novacoast Federal and their parent company Novacoast, to protect public officials as well as corporate executives.

Under the new arrangement, Novacoast will provide 24×7 monitoring services for customers using Knowmadics’ 360° Aware integrated personnel logistics and tracking management platform. 360° Aware allows individual corporate and government users to discreetly alert police authorities or other response organizations should they find themselves in threatening emergency situations.

Users may initiate an incident through Knowmadics 360° Aware software running on their Apple or Android-based mobile device. By integrating with 360° Aware, Novacoast will receive digital alerts, automatically flow alert information to the nearest public or private response organization, and provide back-side monitoring support throughout the incident at one of their state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

Both organizations are leaders in a new wave of technology companies in the Wichita, KS area. Their collaboration is the result of Knowmadics’ involvement with the Greater Wichita Partnership, resulting from opening its Cyber Center of Excellence at Groover Labs in downtown Wichita last fall.

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Claire Ostrum, Knowmadics President and Co-founder, said that “Novacoast’s best-in-class incident monitoring and data center governance capabilities will be very valuable in delivering a complete solution that addresses the growing market demand for personal protective services we have seen over the last four years. It’s clear that our recent affiliation with the Wichita innovation community is already paying great dividends through enabling relationships like this.”

Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson sees their Knowmadics partnership as strategic to supporting Novacoast’s continual growth and development in the monitoring and SOC vertical market. He explained that “Knowmadics has an incredibly impressive approach and product line, like something out of a movie except it is real. Their 360° Aware software as a service (SaaS) platform is well known within security circles, and will be a tremendous addition to Novacoast’s best-in-class, US-based monitoring capabilities and technology solutions.”

Ostrum emphasized that she is thrilled to have Novacoast as a go-to-market partner. “We are so impressed with how Novacoast leverages advanced technology to help clients achieve superior security results.” Both companies noted that they are eager to create innovative approaches that extend their solutions to personnel in both the Government and private sectors.

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