ThycoticCentrify Strengthens Security And Compliance In DevOps With Advanced Reporting

ThycoticCentrify Strengthens Security and Compliance in DevOps with Advanced Reporting

ThycoticCentrify, a leading provider of cloud identity security solutions formed by the merger of privileged access management (PAM) leaders Thycotic and Centrify, today announced enhancements to its PAM solution for DevOps, Thycotic DevOps Secrets Vault. New functionality improves security and collaboration crucial for effective DevSecOps.

DevOps Secrets Vault eliminates friction in the DevOps workflow with high-speed secrets management. When cloud platform administrators, developers, applications, or databases need to access a target, DevOps Secrets Vault generates just-in-time, dynamic secrets that automatically expire. Developers can avoid hard-coding credentials in applications and CI/CD tools or storing them in third-party repositories.

Advanced reporting identifies vulnerabilities and reduces risk

The latest release of DevOps Secrets Vault includes advanced reporting capabilities that enable enterprises to easily identify privileged account risk in their DevOps processes.

DevOps Secrets Vault customers can now customize reports using advanced queries to return granular information on users, groups, secrets, and policies. As a result, they can take action more quickly to address security vulnerabilities in their DevOps process and protect critical privileged accounts from negligent insiders and malicious cyber attackers.

DevOps Secrets Vault saves developers time and instills confidence that encryption is correct. Instead of including encryption within an application or creating another application to manage a process, developers can now send unencrypted data to DevOps Secrets Vault’s API where it is then returned with encryption. DevOps Secrets Vault automatically creates the data encryption key and locks it away in a military-grade, secure vault.

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With this latest release, users also have the choice to manually supply an encryption key. This option allows developers maximum control to use the same key to encrypt and decrypt, even outside of DevOps Secrets Vault.

“DevSecOps is transforming the ways enterprises act to reduce cyber threats,” says Jai Dargan, Vice President of Product Management at ThycoticCentrify. “With the enhancements to the DevOps Secrets Vault, we’re improving the ways developers, operations, and security teams collaborate so they can accelerate their work, and gain a more accurate picture of risk.”

Multi-layered approach to cloud security

DevOps Secrets Vault is available as a standalone vault for organizations with existing PAM solutions, as well as within Thycotic’s Cloud Automation Bundle, a single package of Thycotic’s integrated cloud PAM solutions.

Even with multiple business and technical functions utilizing different types of cloud resources, Thycotic provides a consolidated view of privileged access across an entire organization so IT security teams can manage privileges according to consistent policies. Automation and simple, policy-based controls replace time-consuming, error-prone manual privilege management.

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