Link Between Chaos, Onyx, and Yashma Ransomware Discovered

Link Between Chaos_ Onyx_ and Yashma Ransomware Discovered

Researchers have been able to taxonomize three ransomware variants that go by different names thanks to a blunder by a virus author.

Threat actors have been attacking governments, organizations, and healthcare facilities with different variants of the same ransomware function Object { [native code] } – “Chaos” – for over a year. Now, Blackberry researchers have put the pieces together, revealing a picture of malware that has changed five times in the last year.

In June of 2021, the first version of Chaos began to circulate on the dark web. It was touted as a builder for the famous Ryuk ransomware family and was dubbed “Ryuk.Net Ransomware Builder v1.0.” The user interface even has Ryuk branding on it.

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