Tigera Launches Enhancements to Calico Cloud to Improve Security Posture with Cluster Security Score and Recommended Actions

Tigera Launches Enhancements to Calico Cloud to Improve Security Posture with Cluster Security Score and Recommended Actions

Tigera, the creator of Project Calico, the most adopted technology for container networking and security, today announced new features for Calico Cloud. These enhancements bolster the security posture of containerized applications.

Due to the transient, elastic and distributed nature of containerized applications running in Kubernetes clusters, most security teams do not have a comprehensive view of security risks. Comprehensive risk assessment requires visibility into vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and network exposure.

Calico Cloud has elevated its capabilities to address this, providing Security Score and Recommended Actions for cloud-native applications. This feature gives administrators and security teams the most comprehensive, quantified view of their application’s overall security posture, leveraging risks associated with vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, lack of egress access and application isolation controls, including preceding trends and context, to help understand how the security score is behaving over time.

Calico Cloud’s security posture dashboard is equipped to assess risks and calculate a security score for an organization’s workloads by quantifying and aggregating different types of risks. Calico Cloud goes beyond risk assessment, prioritizes actions that need to be taken and  simultaneously recommends actions to improve the security posture. These latest enhancements will help proactively bolster the security posture of the cluster, significantly shorten remediation timelines, and alleviate the volume of manual resources required when securing such environments.

In addition to the launch of Security Score and Recommended Actions, Tigera has also launched several other new features to Calico Cloud.

Enhanced Observability and Troubleshooting for Endpoint Traffic Denials 

It can be taxing to perform root cause analysis (RCA) and alter existing policies when dealing with denied traffic. Achieving comprehensive observability and visibility into sources of allowed and denied traffic is one of the most frequently cited pain-points of administrators and security teams.

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With the new updates to Calico, Tigera simplifies this process, bolstering the solution’s user interface to offer in-depth, advanced flow logs for endpoints and policy details. Calico can quickly identify endpoints that have been denied traffic, helping administrators articulate where security risks may exist and enhance overall policy deployment. These advancements to Calico will drastically reduce the time spent troubleshooting traffic flows and dependencies on utilizing multiple tools.

Leverage Webhooks to Monitor Security Events

Streamlining security alerts and notifications from various sources is an essential component of successful risk mitigation within organizations.

Utilizing webhooks, Tigera customers can monitor security alerts detected by Calico using third-party response tools. This includes tools such as Jira, ServiceNow and PagerDuty. The function works to eliminate some of the tedious, manual cross-correlation of alerts and advisories, which is often required.

Egress Gateway Boasts High-Availability

Calico’s Egress Gateway feature offers several benefits, including traffic load balancing, high availability, and fast failover using health probes. Egress traffic can now be load-balanced across multiple egress gateways. This means that if one gateway becomes unavailable, traffic will automatically be routed to another gateway, ensuring that pods can continue to communicate with the outside world.

With the latest enhancements to Calico, egress gateways offer an uninterrupted redundancy solution when an egress gateway pod goes offline.

“Calico is designed to provide organizations with the most comprehensive visibility into their Kubernetes environments. Extending our capabilities to provide security risk scoring and recommended remediation actions, along with enhanced interfaces for evaluating denied traffic, significantly scales the level of security depth our customers experience,” said Amit Gupta, Chief Product Officer, Tigera. “As Kubernetes evolves into a nucleus of organizations’ tech stacks, it has become critical to proactively pinpoint where gaps in security posture exist, and quickly remediate before bad actors can strike. The advancements to Calico further support organizations on this mission, delivering the deep context and insights required to mitigate risk in these highly complex environments.”

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