TrueData Officially Supports Unified ID 2.0

TrueData Officially Supports Unified ID 2.0-01

TrueData is proud to support Unified ID 2.0 within its Digital Identity Resolution Platform, allowing customers to connect unique Unified ID 2’s with Mobile Ad IDs, Emails, Household IPs and other digital identifiers. This connection helps users future-proof their addressability needs by further enabling data connections and precision.

Unified ID 2.0 is a new common currency of the open internet that represents an upgrade to existing identity solutions, while putting the consumer in the driver’s seat. Initially developed by The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 is a soon-to-be an open source, industry-wide initiative spanning hundreds of collaborative partners, now including TrueData.

How can you get the most out of TrueData’s support of Unified ID 2.0?

Brands & Agencies – Syndicated and custom audiences distributed by TrueData can now connect to Unified ID 2.0’s with the aim of improving match rates, scale, and ROAS. Buyers can anticipate greater omnichannel prospecting reach and more ease in connecting first party offline data with online identifiers without reliance on cookies.

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AdTech & MarTech – Whether you are a DSP or data provider, including Unified ID 2.0 into your digital identity graph will improve audience match rates and give you control over frequency with the goal of delivering better outcomes for your clients. AdTech & MarTech companies looking to build sophisticated identity resolution products can easily integrate TrueData’s identity resolution platform into their technology stack.

Publishers – Append identifiers including Unified ID 2.0 into first party identity graphs enabling publishers to scale their addressable inventory and protect their eCPMs. Publishers can expect the most current linkages, resulting in more accessible and bidable inventory.

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