UK becomes first country to achieve Associate status in global data privacy

UK becomes first country to achieve Associate status in global data privacy

The UK has become the first country to achieve its new position in the global data privacy programme as they are granted Associate status in the Global Cross Boarder Privacy Rules (CBPR) Forum, following the recent UK US data bridge commitment.

The new status positions the UK as a leader in shaping practical solutions in building global data transfer systems, unlocking opportunities for closer international collaboration on global data flows with key partners around the world.

The Forum works to support international data transfers while safeguarding standards on data privacy and the Associate status provides the UK with the opportunity to cooperate with member nations including United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Australia

International data transfers play a pivotal role in modern global businesses, with research showing that 93 per cent of the UK’s services exports were data enabled in 2021 highlighting the importance of building trusting international relationships in this area.

Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director of Zoho Europe, commented:

“It is great to see the UK take a lead in the global approach to securing data. We live in an increasingly digital world which generates huge volumes of data, and when used responsibly it continues to play a pivotal role for businesses. However, to unlock its full potential organisations must prioritise privacy and understand how to use it in a way that protects themselves and their customers.”

“Customers are now increasingly aware of how their data is collected, stored and used, meaning businesses must gain their trust or risk damaging relationships, and this means offering a transparent and open approach. Customer preferences around data should always come first to ensure trust is not broken and only then can businesses enjoy the benefits such as real-time insights which aid strategic decision making, trend forecasting, customer preferences and more. Using data in the right way can significantly elevate a company’s ability to compete, and in today‘s climate can ultimately make the difference between success and failure.”

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Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure, Sir John Whittingdale, said: “The UK’s association with the Global CBPR Forum is an important step in building a practical and functional system for global data transfers.

“The safety and security of personal data as it moves between countries is paramount, so it’s vital that we work with our key international partners to design solutions that work for everyone.”

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