Veracode launches its Velocity Partner Program™


Veracode , a global leader in application security testing solutions, today announces the launch of the Veracode Velocity Partner Program. The goal of the program is to enable partners to quickly and cost-effectively develop their security protocol around Veracode ‘s Continuous Software Security Platform cloud-based solution , providing opportunities to accelerate contract closing, build market share, and grow income.

The program’s many built-in features include new demand generation campaigns aligned with leading security initiatives, on-demand sales and technical empowerment tools, and a new partner training and certification program. Partners who play a critical role in helping customers navigate complex security and development challenges can count on these features to optimize team performance, improve collaboration, and increase success rates.

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With an application security market expected to be worth $22.6 billion by 2026, up from $5.5 billion in 2019*, software security is clearly a growing priority for all industries. Designed to help Veracode Partners meet this growing market demand, the Velocity Partner Program combines the capabilities of Veracode’s innovative cloud platform with the support of dedicated professionals and demand-generating offerings to build on the market.

“The need for speed and innovation in software development has introduced new complexities and risks to businesses,” said Pete Harteveld, chief revenue officer at Veracode. “As a recognized leader in software security , we work tirelessly to ensure our customers have the tools to meet these challenges. Our trusted partners are an important part of our mission. The evolution of the Veracode Velocity Program provides a clear path for our partners to help customers build software more safely and quickly.”

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Three panes of Veracode Velocity

Through a role-based strategy and approach, partners can interact and collaborate with Veracode to achieve common goals. The knowledge, skills, insights, and best practices that partners gain from Veracode optimize their ability to deliver best-in-class solutions and services.

Divided into three streams, the program provides a structure and a formalized rubric to categorize partners globally based on their ability to meet key requirements.

  • Level 1 – Sprint Partners : All Veracode Partners start at this level and have access to tools, including on-demand marketing campaigns and programs, training and certifications, automatic subscriptions to all partner communications, and online resources via the Partner Community.
  • Tier 2- Momentum Partners : Chosen based on performance and engagement with Veracode, these partners can leverage personalized and planned marketing for investments aligned with ROI goals. In addition, these partners have priority access to strengthening programs and initiatives aimed at boosting key performance indicators.
  • Level 3- Turbo Partners : This level is by invitation only for Strategic Partners meeting the requirements of Key Initiatives. These partners participate in joint go-to-market planning, with quarterly business reviews and exclusive programs, including early access to Veracode products, programs, resources and content.

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Together is better

“Optiv’s partnership with Veracode allows us to continue to develop our proven ability to advise, deploy and execute AppSec programs,” said Joshua Dubik, Senior Practice Leader at Optiv. “Using Veracode’s built-in features like training and certification, new demand generation offerings, and tools and products through the expanded platform helps us drive better results for our customers.”

Adding Harteveld, “Our Continuous Software Security Platform integrates seamlessly into the environments developers work in, making coding simple and secure without compromising delivery times. Single-point reporting and analytics, combined with Daily updates to the Vulnerability Library enable teams to support each phase of the software development lifecycle, while monitoring compliance, managing business risk, and patching unforeseen vulnerabilities. platform, partners can provide customers with the assurance of a flexible yet robust software security program that will scale with their requirements.”

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