Verimatrix Announces New Cybersecurity Microsite, VMX Labs, & Enhanced User Experience For Advanced Threat Defense

Verimatrix Announces New Cybersecurity Microsite, VMX Labs, & Enhanced User Experience For Advanced Threat Defense

Verimatrix , the leading provider of people-centric security solutions for today’s connected world , today announced the launch of a new cybersecurity microsite (, a new user interface for the Extended Threat Defense (XTD) product, and a new VMX LSabs research team providing cyber threat advice and insights.

“I’m excited to announce a new user interface for our Extended Threat Defense cybersecurity product along with new services from Verimatrix to help our customers secure their mobile app ecosystems and quickly detect and respond to threats – including zero-day attacks said Asaf Ashkenazi , CEO of Verimatrix. “Today, most companies interact with their customers through mobile applications. If this app is compromised, the connection between the company and its customers is at risk. Verimatrix XTD protects the connection that businesses have with their consumers – and there is nothing more important than that.”

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Just this year, major mobile app abuse cases made headlines with the new use of overlay attacks within mobile apps, which tricked users into thinking they were interacting with legitimate apps, when in reality they were providing bad actors with sensitive information and even personal banking credentials .

CISOs, SOC teams, fraud departments and developers can now turn to for the latest information on mobile app security and the expanded ecosystem of connected devices and lurking threats.

Today’s introduction includes:

  • New Cybersecurity Microsite – Verimatrix has also launched to provide a central destination and resource center for its XTD cloud platform. The microsite includes a variety of new resources, including videos and white papers.
  • New VMX Labs – Led by Klaus Schenk , Verimatrix’s Senior Vice President of Security and Threat Research, VMX Labs aims to provide ongoing cyber threat advice, insight and commentary from VMX Lab team members studying threat types and intelligence , which are useful for application developers and even users.
  • New Product UX for Verimatrix XTD – Verimatrix offers an amazing new experience for its Extended Threat Defense product: a revised UX and a new design that enables customers to identify threats to mobile applications and the devices connected to critical infrastructure , easier to prevent, detect, respond to and predict. The company has extended its detection capabilities to the network in addition to application and device data. New features include the ability to access per-application network risk to protect connectivity to the organization’s critical infrastructure, and it’s all available now.

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