Verkada Releases API, Boosting Seamless Integration with Core Business Systems

Verkada Releases API_ Boosting Seamless Integration with Core Business Systems

Verkada’s API provides real-time insights to the rest of an enterprise’s business systems; reference integrations with Okta, Splunk, and PagerDuty accelerate time to value

Verkada, the leader in cloud-managed enterprise building security, today announced the launch of its API for enabling seamless integration with core business systems, including Okta, Splunk, and PagerDuty.

Verkada’s set of APIs allow businesses to programmatically access and consume data in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, removing barriers to enterprise automation and increasing ROI from their physical security systems.

“Providing critical and timely information to our customers enables faster incident response and more efficient business operations,” said Steve Gross, Senior Director, Strategic Ecosystem Development at PagerDuty. “We’re excited to be a launch partner with Verkada on their new API, delivering simplified workflows for both our customers while continuing to bring greater real-time visibility to the incidents that matter most.”

With the available APIs, Verkada customers can create workflows to address the following use cases:

  • Integrate critical notifications into your SIEM platform of choice: Build customized workflows using insights to triage and resolve critical issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Automate IT workflows around provisioning and status: Capture important information and data pertaining to the devices deployed across your organization.
  • Integrate people and vehicle counts into retail analytics or facilities management platforms: See timestamps with associated person and vehicle counts for increased operational efficiency and marketing insights.
  • Create, view, delete, and update Person of Interest: Track a continuously changing set of individuals, such as VIPs, customers with special needs, or past offenders.
  • View an inventory of cameras and their details: Help manage inventory and use to determine camera IDs for use with people and vehicle counts API.
  • Integrate with identity management platforms: Manage users and permissions across your organization using solutions like 2-factor authentication and single sign-on.

“Physical security has become a critical system for enterprise businesses, and as a modern solution, Verkada continues to drive valuable business insights back into organizations,” shared Brandon Davito, VP of Product and Operations at Verkada. “With the launch of our API and integration partners, we’re positioned to make Verkada an integral part of existing IT infrastructure while unlocking new possibilities and workflows for business operations.”