Virtru Delivers Zero Trust Data Control for New Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption

Virtru Delivers Zero Trust Data Control for New Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption-01

 Virtru, a global leader in data security and inventor of the Trusted Data Format, today announced the general availability of its support for Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption, uniquely delivering Zero Trust Data Control protection across the entire suite of Google Workspace products. With over 5,000 joint Google Workspace customers, Virtru is the only Zero Trust platform that provides a holistic solution for meeting sensitive data protection use cases across the entire Google Workspace suite.

This update equips organizations to make their data indecipherable to Google using encryption across Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, including additional file types stored in Drive, such as Office files, PDFs, and more, without sacrificing Google’s market-leading collaboration capabilities. The beta program for Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption launched in June 2021, and this week, Google announced its general availability to Enterprise Plus and Education Plus customers.

To take advantage of Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption, customers need to select a data protection partner for encryption key management. Virtru is the only Google-recommended key management partner that provides holistic security solutions across the Google portfolio, including support for Gmail, Workspace, and Google Meet, and GCP — as well as other SaaS applications such as Salesforce and Zendesk.

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“Virtru is proud to be Google Workspace’s first recommended data protection partner and to have helped architect Google’s Client-Side Encryption capability with Google, in concert with our strategic enterprise partners. We are thrilled that Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption has become generally available for enterprises worldwide, and to include other partners in this open and extensible ecosystem,” said Virtru CEO John Ackerly. “In a cloud-first world, Zero Trust Data Control is fundamental to safeguarding organizations’ most valuable information — including intellectual property, financial data, and other highly sensitive content. With Virtru and Google, enterprises can leverage the cloud to collaborate in real-time with greater security, privacy and confidence than ever before.”

Virtru gives Google customers full control of the keys to encrypt their data. By managing their encryption keys separately from the data, organizations can ensure that their information remains indecipherable to both Google and Virtru, maintaining data sovereignty and full ownership at all times. This method of encryption key management is foundational to an effective Zero Trust Data Control strategy, and one that Virtru recommends for heightened security and confidentiality — especially for industries handling regulated information.

Virtru, a FedRAMP-authorized data protection platform, is a longstanding Google partner and was the first Google-recommended encryption provider for Gmail and Google Drive. Virtru is valuable for organizations that need to meet strict compliance requirements, such as ITAR, CJIS, CMMC, and HIPAA. Its Zero Trust Data Control solution portfolio is powered by Virtru’s Trusted Data Format (TDF), an open standard that is widely adopted by over 7,000 organizations and millions of users, including government agencies and the intelligence community.

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