Vulcan Cyber Launches Remedy Cloud, Providing Free Access to Thousands of Vulnerability Fixes

Vulcan Cyber

Providing remediation solutions on demand, Vulcan Remedy Cloud helps security and IT teams collaboratively “get fix done”

Vulcan Cyber®, the vulnerability remediation orchestration company, today announced Vulcan Remedy Cloud, a free service built on the world’s largest database of curated remedies for thousands of security vulnerabilities. By sharing the Remedy Cloud library of fixes with the global vulnerability management community, Vulcan Cyber provides a powerful tool that streamlines the work of remediation by helping security and IT teams more effectively coordinate remediation campaigns.

In related news, Vulcan Cyber today announced Vulcan remediation analytics, which adds powerful business intelligence capabilities to its remediation orchestration platform.

“Vulnerability management should be a means to an end, but due to process breakdowns there’s never an end — just a growing backlog of vulnerabilities that require remediation,” says Yaniv Bar-Dayan, Vulcan Cyber co-founder and CEO. “We’ve identified a critical breakdown in the process when security teams hand off vulnerability remediation tasks to IT operations teams. Vulcan Remedy Cloud streamlines this workflow by providing both teams with remediation playbooks. This one function is extraordinarily effective at creating cross-team alignment and cooperation. We’re proud to offer Remedy Cloud as a free service to our community to help enterprise organizations get fix done.”

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Remedy Cloud is a standalone, free version of the Vulcan remediation intelligence capabilities already offered through the Vulcan remediation orchestration platform. This remediation intelligence is the missing link for any “found-to-fixed” remediation workflow. Vulcan remedies include the right patches, the best configuration scripts, and even workarounds and compensating controls to help security and IT operations teams quickly tackle the most difficult vulnerabilities. Vulcan remediation intelligence adds enterprise-scale remediation solutions designed to facilitate more collaborative and efficient remediation by integrating remedies with a vulnerability scan, prioritization, patch and configuration management tools.

Security teams most often identify and prioritize vulnerabilities but the actual work of remediation is done by IT operations, DevOps, and site reliability engineering teams. Remedy Cloud helps these teams identify and align on the best remedies for the job, saving time and effort. This Vulcan Cyber freemium offering is part of a broader initiative to help vulnerability management programs become more effective at driving remediation outcomes. With Remedy Cloud, Vulcan Cyber opens a valuable resource to entire infosec and IT communities to promote a “get fix done” mindset.

Vulcan Cyber is helping to accelerate the industry’s move from passive vulnerability management to active vulnerability remediation and automated cyber hygiene.