Ransomware, Trojans, DDoS Malware and Crypto-Miners Delivered in Log4Shell Attacks

Ransomware_ Trojans_ DDoS Malware and Crypto-Miners Delivered in Log4Shell Attacks

Cybersecurity companies have reported seeing cryptocurrency miners being subjected to multiple attacks, but some threatening players have used a tracked threat such as CVE-2021-44228 to bring ransomware, Trojan, DDoS malware and other malicious programs.

The cryptocurrency miners identified in the Log4Shell attack include Kinsing, XMRig, and an anonymous or anonymous computer program. The botnet are particularly active in DDoS attacks and also increase Log4Shell vulnerabilities, including Mirai, Muhstik, and Elknot.

While many of these threats targeted Linux programs, Bitdefender also reported attempts to introduce a new ransomware encryption program called the Consonant for Windows programs. The company also saw efforts to remove Orcus remote access Trojan (RAT). In addition, some attackers have used CVE-2021-44228 to bring in a distorted bash shell, which can be used over time for other malicious operations.

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