Vulnerability Management Firm CyberCNS Unveils SOC 2 Security Certification, New Funding and Rebrand


Managed service provider (MSP) vulnerability management technology firm CyberCNS is capping off 18 months of substantial growth with several advancements. The firm announced today that Peter Bellini has purchased a 50-percent stake in the privately held company, providing a capital infusion that will fuel its ongoing growth as the firm continues to focus on cybersecurity, compliance, and security practice development for MSPs who work with small and midsize businesses.

In support of that mission, CyberCNS also announced it has earned its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certification following an extensive security audit.

As the company enters an exciting new phase, CyberCNS is changing its name to ConnectSecure. The company plans to unveil its rebranding to ConnectSecure in December 2022. The CyberCNS solution, the only platform purpose-built for and in partnership with the MSP community, is being rebranded as ConnectSecure Vulnerability Management™.

CyberCNS was founded in 2021 by Srikant (Sri) Sreenivasan and Shiva Jagannathan, formerly from Cisco and Microsoft and founders of multiple software startups, most of which were built to solve problems for MSPs.

Launched with a singular focus on giving MSPs visibility, security, and management capabilities on one platform, the firm’s continuous, automated scanning solution has quickly gained traction based on its user-driven development model, affordable pricing, and industry-leading features such as extensive application integrations and compliance libraries. More than 1200 MSPs from across the globe use CyberCNS, and its user base has an annual growth rate of 324% without any formal marketing.

“Providing a high-quality security product at an affordable price is our priority,” said Jagannathan. “Earning the SOC 2 certification demonstrates our continued commitment to our MSP partners who are on the front lines protecting small and midsize businesses from increasingly pervasive and sophisticated cyberattacks. The name change emphasizes our cybersecurity focus and the evolution of the company with Peter’s investment.”

Sreenivasan concurred, while also emphasizing the importance of the company’s MSP community centric approach. “In order to serve this market effectively, we feel we have to be able to win every single customer’s business every month — we thrive when they thrive and that happens when we meet their needs,” he said. “Having been part of a family that helped grow the MSP industry, Peter shared the same vision, so it was very easy for us to come together.”

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A central part of the firm’s success can be attributed to its close connection with key members of the MSP community and the company’s weekly call with its MSP customers. User feedback drives aggressive development of new features and functionality to ensure the automated scanning solution is meeting MSPs’ needs. A partnership approach with the solution’s initial user group of more than 100 prominent MSPs including industry veterans Karl Bickmore, CEO of SnapTechIT, and Andrew Morgan, founder of CyberNation, became ingrained in CyberCNS’s DNA.

“The collaborative process has resulted in the most robust and intuitive vulnerability management platform available for MSPs who serve small and midsize business clients,” said Morgan.

That market segment has been largely ignored, according to Bickmore. “CyberCNS is meeting a critical need,” he said. “Roughly half of the U.S. economy is made up of small and midsize businesses, and they account for over 60% of all new jobs created in the U.S. These SMBs are the ones most vulnerable to attacks and are reliant on MSPs to manage their cybersecurity needs. With CyberCNS, they have the means to minimize the catastrophic business losses that can occur due to unprotected I.T. assets.”

Bellini added, “CyberCNS is focused purely on cybersecurity for these MSPs at a time when cyberattacks have grown so pervasive, they are costing businesses trillions of dollars every year. Sri and Shiva recognized a significant void in what was available to help MSPs identify and address vulnerabilities and they purpose-built an all-in-one solution. I am excited to be part of the next phase of the company.”

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