CNC Machines Prone to Data Theft, Cyberattacks, and Hacking


The computer numerical control (CNC) machines found in many contemporary manufacturing facilities are susceptible to hacker attacks, according to researchers at cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

CNC products from Haas, Okuma, Heidenhain, and Fanuc that are used by manufacturing companies all over the world have been examined by Trend Micro researchers. The analysis revealed that each of these vendors’ machines are susceptible to about a dozen different kinds of attacks. The researchers showed that an attacker has the ability to steal valuable intellectual property, hijack a machine, and cause damage or disruption.

Each of these possibilities might have a sizable financial effect on a company. Additionally, CNC controllers have the capacity to store important production-related data that could be used by threat actors who specialize in corporate espionage.

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