Waterfall Security Enhances Support For OSIsoft PI 

Waterfall Security Enhances Support For OSIsoft PI

Waterfall Security Solutions, the global leader in OT security, today announced an upgraded version of the OSIsoft PI connector for Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateway product line.

The continued increase in cyber attacks, a trend accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, is driving cybersecurity concerns in industrial enterprises. With OSIsoft PI servers most often at the heart of both IT/OT integration and IT/OT security efforts, the upgraded connector makes truly safe IT/OT integration even easier for PI users and administrators.

NEW IN THIS RELEASE: The completely rewritten and upgraded connector supports the latest versions of OSIsoft PI Server software, functions, and access libraries. The connector includes support for PI Asset Framework, PI collectives and PI identity authentication.

Waterfall’s unique and innovative features in the connector include database backfill, clustered high availability, unlimited point counts, support for data and event synchronization, high throughput, and an easy-to-use web GUI for configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Point synchronization and database aggregation, which are the most popular features for unidirectional PI Server replication, continue to be supported in the new release. Point synchronization pushes PI point and attribute changes automatically to enterprise replicas. Systematic point renaming eliminates name conflicts when combining many plants’ PI Servers to an enterprise server.

“We see an increase in ransomware attacks on OT systems, across the board. It is clear that evildoers are increasing their efforts to target industrial systems and customers. Waterfall’s mission is to protect and defend the most important parts of a nation’s infrastructure, and to provide resilience against cyber crimes and cyber terror.” said Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder at Waterfall Security Solutions. “OSIsoft is a global leader in the Industrial market, and with so many customers using Waterfall’s gateways with OSIsoft solutions, Waterfall is committed to continuing to enhance and advance our integration and mutual support.”

Waterfall’s patented family of unidirectional gateway products provide enterprise-wide security for OT network perimeters in a wide array of industries, applications, and protocols in 30 countries. Waterfall’s products enable visibility into and remote access to OT data without putting at risk the vital industrial systems that are the sources of that data.

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