Strongbox IT Releases Its Premium Web Application Firewall Modshield SB on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

flagship application firewall called Modshield SB

Modshield SB – Powerful, Flexible yet Simple and Affordable

StrongBox IT, a global information security services company specializing in vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and security audits, announces the release of its flagship application firewall – Modshield SB.

Modshield SB is now available in the AWS Marketplace on a cloud subscription model and a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model.

A feature-rich, scalable, and cost-effective application firewall, Modshield SB is designed to provide protection against all major attack vectors (OWASP Top 10 and more). It supports multiple domains and applications using a single instance with no additional license costs.

With curated threat intelligence updated continuously, Modshield SB offers real-time protection from Bots, Crawlers, Spiders, Bad IPs, and Tor IPs. The built-in Denial of Service (DoS) protection also helps safeguard the application from random repetitive attacks ensuring the availability of applications.

Modshield SB uses Modsecurity and OWASP Core ruleset as its engine and StrongBox IT’s proprietary code as a UI and enablement wrapper.

“With proven core components and a host of user-friendly features, Modshield SB is going to be an integral tool for businesses looking to implement the first line of defense for their business systems without any compromise in cost economies. Modshield SB is a user-friendly, robust security solution available right within AWS Marketplace, and by far one of the most affordable too,” said Joseph Martin, Strongbox IT’s CEO.


  • With ModSecurity and OWASP Core ruleset at its heart, Modshield makes it simple and efficient to protect web and mobile applications from OWASP Top 10 application risks
  • Modshield SB supports both HTTP and HTTPS traffic for applications hosted in a single server or load-balanced across multiple servers
  • Allows addition of multiple domains and applications using a single instance at no additional cost
  • Curated threat intelligence is updated continuously for real-time protection
  • Built-in Denial of Service (DoS) protection helps safeguard the application from random repetitive attacks
  • Bot, Crawlers, Spider Protection
  • Unlimited number of custom rules for monitoring traffic to and from applications
  • Log management capabilities allow for external archival, FTP transfers and real-time log forwarding to external monitoring systems
  • Modshield has a user-friendly dashboard making available KPIs useful for monitoring and for regulatory compliance
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP), a beta feature allows the definition of sensitive data thereby protecting specific data leakages
  • Modshield SB is currently available as an AMI on the AWS Marketplace and as a Virtual Machine (VM) for physical implementations

More information regarding the Modshield SB application firewall can be found here.

Operational Testing services including security testing for web and mobile applications, Infrastructure security testing, Load, and Stress testing are offered by StrongBox IT to leading organizations across all industries.