Webcor Builds Cyber Resilience with OpenText


California construction company uses OpenText EnCase and OpenText Security Services to reduce risk.

OpenText™, today announced that Webcor, a premier provider of commercial construction services throughout California, worked with OpenText to improve their security expertise, find and mitigate threats, and reduce the company’s cyber risk profile. During a presentation today at Enfuse On Air 2020, the companies discussed how OpenText experts helped Webcor improve their overall cyber resilience.

“OpenText was very effective in risk mitigation, and in defining the scope of work necessary to improve our security posture,” said Kim Bates, Vice President, CIO at Webcor. “They gave us the security framework that we needed to implement at Webcor. Without OpenText, our risk profile would be much higher.”

Early in 2020, Webcor knew it needed to investigate potential threats across the organization’s endpoints and devices, including: laptops, desktops, and servers. Webcor initially engaged OpenText Managed Security Services to augment the Webcor IT staff and increase its security expertise.

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“To effectively and efficiently manage cyber risks today, organizations need a combination of cyber resilience expertise and technologies, like OpenText EnCase,” said Muhi Majzoub, OpenText Chief Product Officer. “During this tumultuous year, OpenText has been proud to work with customers like Webcor to help ensure they can continue to operate their businesses in a seamless, safe, and secure way.”

The OpenText Professional Services team helped evaluate Webcor’s current security posture, and procedures to develop a robust security plan that included a cross-layered detection and response (XDR) and an event management solution to augment the more traditional solutions in place at Webcor. OpenText now provides a managed detection and response service that includes a monitoring and incident response capability that can help customers like Webcor reduce the need to maintain full-time security staff.

Based on the success of the managed service deployment, Webcor also conducted a full security risk assessment with the OpenText Threat Hunting Service. The assessment resulted in crucial improvements to the overall security defenses of Webcor’s software, hardware, and networks, increasing its ability to react to security events in real-time.

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“The OpenText Threat Hunting Service was extremely effective,” said Jay Grant, IT Security Director at Webcor. “We isolated real-world threats and remediated them. We have full visibility into what those issues were and their root causes. More importantly for me, with the help of OpenText, we used that as springboard to develop a security plan and an architecture to prevent, detect, and remediate any future threats.”

“When COVID-19 hit and Webcor transitioned to a remote work model, the company was already better positioned than most,” Grant explained. “We were actually well-placed when the pandemic hit because of the way we architected our infrastructure with OpenText. We had the connectivity and the security already set up. The additional visibility OpenText provided has greatly enhanced cyber resilience here at Webcor.”