Syxsense Announces New Support for Amazon Web Service (AWS) Linux Devices


Syxsense, a global leader in SaaS IT and security management solutions, extends support of its cloud-native, real-time architecture to Amazon Web Service (AWS) Linux devices. AWS Linux assets are protected with a single lightweight agent allowing real-time patching and management from the Syxsense Management Cloud.

“With the addition of AWS Linux support, Syxsense now allows IT departments to manage and secure their entire premise, cloud and remote homeworking environment from a single easy-to-use SaaS tool,” commented Ashley Leonard, CEO Syxsense Inc.

In under 5 minutes, Syxsense customers can be up and running, managing their WindowsMac, and Linux devices, whether on-premise, remote, or in the cloud, providing 100% visibility.

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Once added to the console, Syxsense evaluates your exposed risk with dashboards, device health, and reports that prioritize the immediate or automatic remediation of issues to reduce an attack surface. Full patching support includes severity, content, inventory, troubleshooting tools, compliance proof and device status for all major Linux flavors in the RPM and DEB based Distributions including RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and AWS, among others.