Weeldi and Mobile Solutions Partner to Further Automate Mobility Management

Mobility Management

Mobile Solutions Partners with Weeldi to Enhance Managed Mobility Software Automations.

Weeldi, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company innovating the way processes are automated on the web, and Mobile Solutions, a leader in Managed Mobility Services, delivering expense optimization, unified endpoint security, device management, and best in class support, have partnered to add additional automation to MAX, Mobile Solutions proprietary mobility management portal.

Automations can be difficult due to the dynamic nature of the web. Partnering with Weeldi has enabled Mobile Solutions to easily and quickly add new automation, while also providing the flexibility to manage and run automation through Weeldi’s web service API and UI. With Weeldi, Mobile Solutions is automating about 50,000 tasks critical to managing their customers’ expenses, inventory, and usage monthly.

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MAX, Mobile Solutions innovative mobility management solution, was designed from the ground up built with the user experience in mind offering in-cycle analytics and delivering a unified platform for all mobility management needs. Weeldi’s API strengthens Mobile Solutions scale and frequency of automations, running a high volume of daily automations in a condensed timeframe of only a few hours. Weeldi also integrates with Mobile Solutions Amazon Key Management Services for encryption of their customer credentials.

“Mobile Solutions is committed to using innovation as a vehicle to scale and deliver the best possible experience for their customers. This pushes us and makes the opportunities in our partnership almost limitless. We’re excited about our partnership,” said Moe Arnaiz, Co-Founder and CEO of Weeldi.

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Jim Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Mobile Solutions, said, “We couldn’t be happier with our partnership and experience with Weeldi. From the fast, low risk deployment to running over 1,500 daily automations, Weeldi elevates our ability to automate tasks, providing up to date and timely data for our customers.”