White Bullet’s collaboration with Poland’s Sygnał Association significantly reduces ad-funded piracy in key European market

White Bullet’s

White Bullet, today announces that its ongoing collaboration with the Sygnał Association in Poland continues to have a significant impact in the market; with its latest Ad Funded Piracy Report showing further, marked reductions in ad-funded piracy in the country.

The Sygnał Association, established in 2001, protects the intellectual property rights of broadcasters, distributors, licensors, and recipients of TV programs and other multimedia content. White Bullet has now been working alongside its members for over a year to track advertising in Poland in order to monitor the effectiveness of the piracy website list maintained and provided by Sygnał to the Polish ad industry; with the cyber security company providing quarterly updates around trends in ad impressions and revenue.

White Bullet’s Q2 2022 Ad Funded Piracy Report provides ad monitoring analysis of Sygnał-listed websites and outlines trends in ad impressions and revenue on Polish IP-infringing Sygnał websites during the latest quarter. It also provides an updated snapshot of the advertising landscape in Poland on Sygnał websites, in addition to further trend analysis.

For instance, estimated ad revenue generated by Polish traffic decreased by 39% on the websites monitored during this period. Furthermore, just ten websites account for over two-thirds of the estimated ad revenue identified.

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Other highlights include the fact that estimated ad revenue generated by Polish traffic decreased to 4% on the websites monitored, with remaining traffic coming from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, major brand ads decreased from 5% in the April 2022 report to 4% in the July 2022 report – evidence of clear progress being made in this market.

Drilling down further into the data, 74 unique brands were identified as advertising on the monitored sites, 22% of which are major (household name) brands, while 140 ad intermediaries were identified as serving or facilitating ads on the websites monitored.

“Our data shows that there continue to be clear advantages for brands using this list and we are delighted to continue to support Sygnał as it works to defund online piracy,” adds Peter Szyszko, Founder and CEO, of White Bullet. “The Association plays an extremely important role by providing a policy forum; helping legitimate players to use and protect their IP for economic, social, and cultural development. Systems like these need to be used globally, with lists which are dynamic and up to date. By working together, ideally on a global scale, we can beat online piracy.”

The Sygnał Association’s Teresa Wierzbowska, President of the Management Board, adds: It’s been eye-opening to compare the latest updates with the previous editions – showing what’s working and what we still need to improve in our follow-the-money action. For instance, Arts and Entertainment sector ads decreased from 88% in the April 2022 report to 44% in the July report but were overtaken by Technology and Computing sector ads, at 51% according to the latest data.

“Sygnał continues to provide its members with a valuable opportunity to co-operate and share experiences. We remain keen to collaborate with other organizations pursuing shared goals. White Bullet’s platform and expertise are helping us significantly in our mission.”

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