Worldwide First-Ever EPR Endpoint Prevention and Response Test for Effectiveness and TCO Released by AV-Comparatives


AV-Comparatives’ EPR CyberRisk Quadrant shows the Strategic Leaders, CyberRisk Visionaries and Strong Challengers for endpoint prevention and response

The growth of targeted attacks presents a serious risk to enterprises. Companies are increasingly being targeted by cyber-criminals for reasons of industrial espionage or sabotage. Recent attacks on SolarWinds and United States government agencies are just two examples of many. The complexity of targeted attacks requires very sophisticated prevention and response solutions.

Endpoint prevention and response (EPR) products aim to prevent such attacks, and allow detailed investigation, analysis and response of attempted break-ins. AV-Comparatives has published the report of its Endpoint Prevention and Response Test, which assessed how effective leading EPR products are at stopping and analysing targeted attacks. Tested vendors included Bitdefender, Cisco, CrowdStrike, ESET and Palo Alto Networks. A further four vendors participated but chose to remain anonymous. Their results are included in the report, in order to provide an overview of the performance levels currently available on the market.

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Most comprehensive enterprise prevention and response test

AV-Comparatives’ Endpoint Prevention and Response Test is the most comprehensive test of EPR products ever performed. It combines prevention and response results with data on total cost of ownership. The products in the test were subjected to 49 targeted attacks, which used a variety of different techniques, to measure prevention, active response and passive response.

Time to prevent & time to respond

The report includes the results of the tests, showing at which stage each product provided active or passive response to each threat. In addition, the time taken to prevent and respond was measured over a period of 24 hours.

Enterprise EPR CyberRisk Quadrant™

AV-Comparatives has developed an Enterprise EPR CyberRisk Quadrant™ that factors in the effectiveness of each product at preventing breaches, the calculated savings resulting from this, the purchase costs of the product, and the product’s accuracy costs (incurred due to false positives). This enables prospective purchasers to see the total cost of ownership of each product. Products were classified in three categories in this regard: Strategic Leader, CyberRisk Visionary, and Strong Challenger.

“IT Security budgets should not only aim for the cheapest product. A data breach can cause much higher costs. The Quadrant shows that even an expensive product can be the best choice on a long term.” – Peter Stelzhammer, co-founder, AV-Comparatives

CyberRisk Insurance

The test considered not only the prevention and response provided by each product, but also the cost of a data breach. This can be USD 3,860,000 according to an IBM study. Using the effectiveness of each product at preventing data breaches, the total cost of ownership was calculated. These results can be used as a basis for cyber-risk insurance policies, amongst other things.

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Like all AV-Comparatives’ public reports, the report of the 2020 Endpoint Prevention and Response Test for enterprise products can be downloaded free of charge from the institute’s website, AV-Comparatives is an independent testing lab based in Innsbruck, Austria, and has been publicly testing computer-security software since 2004. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the scope “Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software”. It also holds the EICAR certification as a “Trusted IT-Security Testing Lab”.

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