X Security Group aims to bring affordable penetration testing to small & medium sized businesses by delivering their services via the channel

affordable penetration testing to small

X Security Group comes out of stealth mode to help the channel bring quality and affordable pentesting to small and medium sized businesses.

X Security Group announces today the availability of a new approach for the channel to help small & medium sized businesses better understand their security posture, while also better prioritizing their limited security spend. X Security Group teams up with MSP’s and MSSP’s to offer white label penetration testing; an offensive security assessment that identifies vulnerabilities in a companies security posture & then makes recommendations to secure the findings.

Traditional pentest vendors are focused on the enterprise, leaving small and medium sized businesses without quality options when it comes to security assessments. X Security Group found that the channel was seeking pentest companies that would white label, or private label, their services but weren’t able to find a viable option.

The team at X Security Group believes that their services can be more than just an addition to a MSP’s portfolio of offerings, they believe it should be a part of their expansion strategy into security. “MSP’s have been trying to transition into selling cyber security products & services for the last few years. They’ve found that security isn’t an easy item to sell, even when you’re able to shell out free trials. Instead, they should be leading with security assessments before ever trying to sell security products.

Many SMB’s have requirements for annual pentesting due to compliance or as contractual requirements. On top of that, it helps the customer identify issues & prioritize spending which is extremely important in SMB due to the notoriously low security budgets. On the channel side, a pentest accomplishes two significant feats for the business.

A security assessment helps identify opportunities for up-selling other products/services, but more importantly, by helping identify those gaps & making recommendations to fix them it positions the MSP as a security advisor. The customer’s perception of the MSP can quickly shift from a run-of-the-mill IT shop to the advisor they turn to for all things security related.” says X Security Group’s Managing Director Austin Harman.

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X Security Group is focused on only working with the channel. “We are dedicated to delivering our services through our partners in the channel community. It’s why this company was formed. SMB’s are experiencing a significant gap in cyber security and the first step to fixing something is knowing what to fix. That’s the purpose of a pentest, and to deliver pentesting services to the SMB market at a reasonable price we need to focus on the channel. We have a lot of experience in the pentesting industry & plan on extending those resources to MSP’s; sales support, marketing support, engagement management, and post engagement support. Our hope is that our partners see us as an extension of their team. We’ve spoken with several regional MSP’s that have struggled to effectively expand into the cyber security space and now that they’ve heard our recommendations and have seen how we can create reports with their branding, they see our partnership as a critical piece of their strategy moving forward. We’re excited for what’s in store.” says Harman.

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