Cybersecurity Startup Releases Industry-First Capability That Could Have Stopped SolarWinds Breach Before It Started

Cybersecurity Startup Releases, #1 in risk management SaaS (Software as a Service) for critical infrastructure cybersecurity, today announced the release of their new PPT (People, Process, Technology) Insight. The update to their platform brings a fully-automated, industry-first capability for identifying and managing cybersecurity risk in human processes.

In the recent cyber attack on SolarWinds that impacted more than 18,000 organizations, a key activity enabling the breach was gaining access to a third party’s email account where the default password secrets had not been changed. Today’s update to the platform will help organizations avoid these types of human process missteps that are consistently overlooked, and are usually the entry point of cyber attacks.

The PPT Insight provides risk management leaders with these advanced capabilities:

  • Automatically score a cyber assessment, create remediation tasks, and prioritize them based on the context of their use in the organization.
  • Instantly map missing controls in the cyber assessment data to their respective control families, and categorize them into people, process, and technology groups.
  • Quickly see if risk management strategy is balanced across people, process, and technology controls, and where time and budget should be re-prioritized.

“We’re constantly seeing data that shows cyber risk strategies are imbalanced, overly focused on technology and under-invested in people and processes,” says Cherise Esparza, Chief Product Officer at “We added these insights to our platform so it would be easier for leaders to see any imbalance in their strategy and understand how to correct it.”

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Additionally, the PPT Insight helps leaders understand what needs to be improved as soon as possible vs. what can wait until later. This gives an easier and objective way to make decisions on where to invest time and budget.

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