YourSix Inc. Launches YourSixOS Visual Intelligence Platform

YourSix Inc. Launches YourSixOS Visual Intelligence Platform

YourSix Inc., an award-winning Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider, has launched a new video management platform with a focus on visual intelligence and security.  Developed in-house, and lead by the company’s global Center of Excellence, the newly released cloud-native video management solution enhances their existing security applications with robust cybersecurity features and an intuitive, modern interface.

“This solution was born out of understanding what our customers actually need: visual intelligence,” said YourSix CTO Jacob Hengel. “Today, we are delivering unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and security through managed data visualization. This is more than just physical security. It has deep potential for operational improvements by harnessing advanced analytics in real-time.”

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The new platform centers around a single-pane-of-glass management dashboard with a responsive interface, broad customization options, and robust permission profiles. Improvements to responsiveness over industry standards ensure faster and more intuitive on-demand access to visual intelligence from anywhere. An upgraded search function, mobile alerts, and advanced analytics round out the improved feature set of the new, modern platform.

Recognizing that intelligence represents tremendous value as a target for cybercriminals, the team also enhanced security features across the platform. From brute-force protection and breached-password detection to adaptive MFA and suspicious-IP throttling, the new YourSixOS presents a cloud-native mindset to the inherent security risks in 21st-century SaaS solutions.

In line with YourSix’s history of innovative, cloud-based security solutions, the new YourSixOS platform empowers users to see deeper into their business, from traditional intrusion detection and event triggers to AI-empowered insights into operational efficiencies.

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