Zilla Security Launches Zilla Universal Sync to Extend Identity and Access Monitoring and Remediation

Zilla Security Launches Zilla Universal Sync to Extend Identity and Access Monitoring and Remediation-01

Zilla Security, a provider of an innovative identity and access security platform for the cloud, today announced that the company has launched Zilla Universal Sync™ – ZUS™. Organizations can now easily ingest data from any application with its no-code integration platform.

Zilla Security delivers comprehensive, scalable access security and compliance that is purpose-built for a cloud-first world. The platform enables organizations to keep pace with constant changes to user and machine identities, roles, application and infrastructure security settings, and API integrations. With Zilla, organizations can continuously monitor and remediate who has access to what across all their applications, systems, and cloud platforms.

To further enhance its platform, Zilla launched ZUS to allow enterprises to integrate any cloud platform or application without security API support or file export capabilities. ZUS delivers a no-code platform for building integrations based on the data available in the admin console of any application.

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“As our company has grown, so has the rigor needed in reporting on access security and compliance,” said Donovan Bray, Director of DevOps and IT of Kiavi. “Zilla has become a critical partner for us. No other vendor was able to offer the level of API integration and support for the bevy of applications we needed to review regardless of the application’s limitations. Zilla allowed us to use the smartest way to get data out of the application into Zilla.”

“Until now, no one has been able to address the new challenges that the rapid adoption of cloud has created for security leaders,” said Deepak Taneja, CEO and co-founder of Zilla Security. “In a cloud first world, the security stack has flipped, and identity has replaced the network as the new perimeter.  Identity pervades our technology stacks. That’s why it is critical that organizations be able to easily integrate all cloud infrastructure, servers, databases and resources, SaaS and cloud native applications, and custom applications into one holistic view. It’s the only way to ensure the right human and machine identities have the right access.”

Zilla is launching ZUS at a time of significant growth for the company. Zilla more than doubled revenue in Q1. In addition, the company expanded support for cloud platforms to include Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management across AWS, GCP, and Azure. Zilla now integrates with AWS SSO, effectively securing the access gaps between identity providers and cloud platforms.

Zilla is working with organizations like AdaptHealth, Hippo, Kiavi, and AdvancedMD to manage least privilege security and automate the access review processes that are essential for maintaining compliance with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FFIEC and SOC 2.

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