IAS Now Offers Fraud & Viewability Measurement Across Pinterest

Pinterest integration

Integral Ad Science (IAS) today announced the launch of its new Pinterest integration, which delivers viewability and fraud measurement for Pinterest’s mobile app inventory.

IAS’s Pinterest solution delivers marketers unprecedented access to IAS viewability and invalid traffic reporting for their mobile in-app campaigns. The IAS reporting includes standard and video Pinterest ads for in-app inventory, all refreshed on a daily basis.

The launch of this new solution follows reports that Pinterest is observing an all-time record level of user engagement as people seek creative solutions to ‘life-at-home’. Pinterest searches for “work from home” are up 1,411% and searches for “children’s activities” are up 4,055%, globally. The ability for advertisers to accurately measure their Pinterest campaigns within mobile environments is more important than ever considering that 82% of these users access the platform via a mobile device.

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As advertising activity continues to shift onward content that aggregates users, measurement is increasingly critical to evaluating and optimizing both advertising quality and related media spend.

“IAS is excited to partner with Pinterest to offer marketers a mobile viewability and fraud measurement solution that works in-app, where people are engaging,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS. “This partnership helps provide the transparency that marketers need to optimize their campaigns on the popular network.”

With this new integration, advertisers will now have access to:

  • Viewability and invalid traffic monitoring & reporting across promoted pins and videos
  • Independent, third-party reporting by IAS
  • Global measurement for a holistic view across their entire Pinterest campaign