Data Protection Day: The evolution of Phishing and the latest on Vishing & Quishing

In this podcast interaction, Kanika Goswami, Managing Editor at Ondot Media, engages with Tony Fergusson, CISO EMEA at Zscaler, discussing data protection in the context of Data Protection Day.

Tony shares insights into the evolution of phishing, emphasizing the rise of vishing and quishing with the influence of artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion covers current threats to data and the role of AI in both cyber attacks and defense mechanisms. Tony advocates for a zero-trust approach, recommending AI and machine learning for data classification and smart policies. The conversation also touches on user awareness and training limitations, with a call for a dual approach involving technology controls. Future concerns about misinformation campaigns leveraging AI are discussed, and the podcast concludes with an emphasis on ongoing cybersecurity discussions and continuous improvement.

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