Internet, Safety, and Encryption! Highlights of Global Encryption Day!

The webinar interaction featuring Robin Wilton, Director of Internet Trust, and Callum Voge, Director of Government Affairs & Advocacy, moderated by Kanika Goswami, Managing Editor of OnDot Media, centered on the theme of Internet Safety and Encryption, with a focus on the highlights of Global Encryption Day.

The discussion aimed to explore important aspects of internet safety, encryption, and their relevance, particularly on Global Encryption Day. The webinar also aimed to delve into key issues and insights related to these topics, providing valuable information for the audience.

The central theme of the discussion revolved around the recently celebrated Global Encryption Day on October 23rd, 2023

The speakers likely explored the significance of encryption in the modern digital landscape and its role in ensuring online communication and data safety and security. The conversation likely addressed the multi-stakeholder nature of ensuring internet safety, involving various entities such as government bodies, enterprises, service providers, and individual users.

Discussions may have included strategies to mitigate risks associated with IoT devices, considering their increasing prevalence in various domains.

Callum and Robin Provided an overview of encryption laws and policies worldwide, discussing the diversity in approaches taken by different governments to regulate and promote encryption.

The webinar likely concluded with a summary of key insights and takeaways, providing a glimpse into the future of internet safety, encryption, and cybersecurity.

Overall, the interaction aimed to deliver valuable insights, promote awareness, and foster a deeper understanding of internet safety and encryption, especially during the celebrated Global Encryption Day.

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