5-Ghoul Vulnerabilities Affect 5G Modems from Qualcomm and MediaTek


Academic researchers from Singapore University of Technology and Design’s ASSET Research Group have issued a warning about more than a dozen vulnerabilities affecting hundreds of smartphone models that use specific 5G modems.

According to the research team, the 14 security flaws collectively known as 5Ghoul can be used to downgrade attacks and drop and freeze 5G connections on routers and smartphones. Most of the issues are with Qualcomm and MediaTek 5G modems.

Typically, a malicious base station (gNB) is used to “distract” devices using vulnerable 5G modems into connecting to it in order to exploit the 5Ghoul vulnerabilities. Once the connection is made, the devices’ connections are targeted by the vulnerabilities, which ultimately forces the users to manually restart their devices.

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