Boston-based Rapid7 Buys Intsights for $335 Million

Boston-based Rapid7 Buys Intsights for _335 Million-01-01

Rapid7, a cybersecurity firm based in Boston, has recently announced that it is all set to acquire Intsights, a threat intelligence start up, for $335 million. Overall, Intsights has raised over $70 million in funding rounds, including a $30 million Series D round in 2019.

It is focused on providing real-time cyber threat intelligence with the existing security infrastructure. This helps in recognizing and mitigating an attack before it takes place.

With this deal, Rapid7 aims to help consumers with innovative features like proactively block new threats as well as malicious indicators on existing security devices. This includes endpoint solutions, firewalls, and mail gateways.

Source: SecurityWeek

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