BotenaGo Botnet Code Leaked to GitHub, Impacting Millions of Devices

BotenaGo Botnet Code Leaked to GitHub_ Impacting Millions of Devices-01

The BotenaGo botnet source code was leaked to GitHub, putting millions of devices and internet-based (IoT) devices at risk, researchers said.

In a report on Wednesday, AT&T Alien Labs – which began detecting a malware program in November – said it expected the availability of source code from malware authors would increase the number of attacks.

Uploading source code on GitHub “could lead to a huge increase in new types of malware as malicious software developers will be able to use source code and adapt it to their purposes,” writes Alien Labs security researcher Ofer Caspi. “Alien Labs is looking forward to seeing new campaigns based on the BotenaGo variety targeted at routers and IoT devices worldwide.”

Caspi said that as of yesterday, the discovery of BotenaGo antivirus (AV) vendor and its variants was still exploding near the bottom when it came to finding a malware program, with BotenaGo samples found back in November still surpassing most AV software to infect systems. By one of the most famous bots: Mirai.

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