Hackers Use ‘Brute Ratel C4’ Red-Teaming Tool to Avoid Detection

Hackers Use ‘Brute Ratel C4’ Red-Teaming Tool to Avoid Detection

Security experts at Palo Alto Networks assert that nation-state attackers have employed the Brute Ratel C4 (BRc4) red-teaming and adversarial attack simulation tool to avoid detection. Released in December 2020, BRc4 has been specifically created to avoid detection by security solutions and offers a level of sophistication comparable to that of Cobalt Strike. 

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks discovered many connections from a Ukrainian IP that was probably used to manage the command and control (C&C) infrastructure. They also discovered an IP address hosted by Amazon AWS that communicates with Brute Ratel C4. 

Additionally, the researchers discovered a number of possible victims, including a company in Argentina, a provider of IP television with programming from North and South America, and a Mexican textile factory.

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