Bridgestone Attacked as Ransomware Hits Toyota Supply Chain

Bridgestone Attacked as Ransomware Hits Toyota Supply Chain-01

Bridgestone Americas was hit by a ransomware attack weeks after another Toyota supplier was hit, and a third reported a computer intrusion. According to Reuters, Bridgestone Corp. revealed that a subsidiary was hit by ransomware in February.

The attack forced the company to shut down its computer network and production at its North and Middle American operations for nearly a week. Another Toyota supplier, Denso Corp., was the target of a ransomware attack 11 days after Bridgestone.

Toyota, which is already hamstrung by supply chain issues, is proving to be an especially appealing target for ransomware outfits. The company claimed it’s working around the clock with outside security advisers to figure out the breadth and nature of the event.

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