Cyber-Spike: Orgs Suffer 925 Attacks per Week, an All-Time High

Cyber-Spike Orgs Suffer 925 Attacks per Week_ an All-Time High-01

With millions of Log4j-targeted attacks clocking in per hour since the flaw’s discovery last month, there’s been a record-breaking peak of 925 cyberattacks a week per organization, globally.

According to a report from Check Point Research (CPR), Log4Shell attacks were a major contributor to a 50-percent increase year-over-year in overall attacks per week on corporate networks for 2021.

Log4Shell vulnerabilities in the ubiquitous Java logging library Apache Log4j cropped up, allowing unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) and complete server takeover. CPR had reported a 40 percent increase as of October, with earlier numbers showing that one out of every 61 organizations worldwide had been hit by ransomware each week.

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