URL Parsing Bugs Allow DoS, RCE, Spoofing & More

URL Parsing Bugs Allow DoS_ RCE_ Spoofing _ More-01

Eight different security vulnerabilities arising from inconsistencies among 16 different URL parsing libraries could allow denial-of-service (DoS) conditions, information leaks and remote code execution (RCE) in various web applications, researchers are warning.

The bugs were found in third-party web packages written for various languages, and, like Log4Shell and other software-supply chain threats, could have been imported to hundreds or thousands of different web apps and projects. Those afflicted are Flask (a micro web framework written in Python), Video.js (an HTML5 video player), Belledonne (free VoIP and IP video phone), Nagios XI (network and server monitoring) and Clearance (password authentication for Ruby).

Researchers explained that typically, open-redirect attacks are thwarted via validation: “The web server validates the given URL and allows only URLs that belong to the same site or to a list of trusted domains.”

Read More: https://threatpost.com/url-parsing-bugs-dos-rce-spoofing/177493/

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