Diavol, a New Ransomware, has Been Linked to a Notorious Cybercrime Gang

Diavol_ a New Ransomware_ has Been Linked to a Notorious Cybercrime Gang

According to Fortinet, Wizard Spider – the notorious cybercrime group behind the TrickBot botnet as well as the Ryuk and Conti malware families, may have launched a new ransomware family.

The ransomware, dubbed Diavol, resembles Conti, but the attacks discovered lack some of the strategies previously connected with Wizard Spider.

The ransomware leaves a written ransom note in each folder on infected systems, notifying users that their data has been stolen and threatening public exposure if payment is not made.

However, security researchers of Fortinet, say that none of the Diavol samples observed by them so far has data stealing capabilities. That said they do not exclude the possibility of the function being added with a future update.

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