Firefox 124 and Chrome 123 Fix Serious Vulnerabilities

Firefox 124 and Chrome 123 Fix Serious Vulnerabilities

Google and Mozilla have released web browser security updates that address dozens of vulnerabilities, including one critical and several high-severity flaws.

Chrome 123 was released in the stable channel, containing patches for 12 bugs, seven of which were reported by external researchers. According to Google’s advisory, the most severe of these is CVE-2024-2625, a high-severity object lifecycle issue in the V8 JavaScript and WebAssembly engines.

The browser update also fixes five medium-severity vulnerabilities in components like Swiftshader, Canvas, Downloads, and iOS, as well as one minor security flaw in iOS. Version 123.0.6312.58 of Chrome is now available for Linux, as well as 123.0.6312.58/.59 for Windows and macOS.

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