Free Decryptor Available for Victims of LockerGoga Ransomware


Using a new decryption tool provided by the NoMoreRansom project, victims of the LockerGoga ransomware can now recover their files for free.

LockerGoga ransomware has been around since at least 2019, when it was used in attacks against a number of industrial organizations, including Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian energy and metals company, and Hexion and Momentive, two US-based chemical companies. The person who ran LockerGoga is thought to be a member of a cybercrime ring that also carried out attacks using the MegaCortex ransomware.

The cyber gang allegedly carried out ransomware attacks against more than 1,800 people and organizations in 71 countries, resulting in losses of more than USD 100 million, according to Swiss law enforcement.

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