Hacker Forum Promotes New hVNC MacOS Malware

Hacker Forum Promotes New hVNC MacOS Malware

Israeli cybersecurity firm Guardz has issued a warning about a new Hidden Virtual Network Computing (hVNC) malware that targets MacOS devices and is being advertised on a well-known cybercrime forum.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which is frequently used for technical support, enables the remote control of computers over a network with the knowledge of the device’s user, who can observe the completed actions on the screen. On the other hand, malicious actors can control remote systems without the user’s knowledge thanks to the use of hVNC.

A Russian hacker forum has been selling the new hVNC MacOS malware since April 2023 for USD 60,000; it is advertised as having capabilities that make small and midsize businesses (SMEs) vulnerable.

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