Improvements in Barracuda’s AI-enabled Email Protection Defends New and Evolving Threats

Improvements in Barracuda's AI-enabled Email Protection Defends New and Evolving Threats

Barracuda Networks, Inc., a provider of cloud-first security solutions, has announced improvements to its Email Protection platform and added AI innovation to better defend against emerging threats. The Barracuda Email Protection system uses AI models and continuously introduces new classifiers to prevent emerging and novel threats.

According to Barracuda’s analysis, their AI-enabled solutions can block 99.2% of targeted phishing attacks without manual configuration, saving customers and managing service providers’ time and IT resources.

Additionally, the new real-time reporting capabilities in Barracuda Email Protection provide actionable threat intelligence to enhance security. These insights allow customers to quickly understand threats targeting their organizations, customize user security training, and adopt a more proactive approach to security.

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