JupiterOne Secures $19 Million in Funding for Cyber Asset Management Automation

cyber-security management automation

JupiterOne, a cyber-security management automation solution platform is raising $19 million in Series A funding from Brain Capital Ventures. The newly raised capital will be used to bolster the company’s R&D and go-to-market efforts.

JupiterOne platform makes it easier for companies to identify security issues and maintain compliance to help prevent security lapses and data breaches, by early identification of issues. The startup has clients like Reddit, Databricks, and Auth0.

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Cyber security asset management that includes the process of creating and continually updating an inventory of IT resources is an expensive activity. JupiterOne claims to make security teams more efficient by centralizing the data from dozens of cloud services and services into a single hub for management, analysis, and alerting.

Source: techcrunch