Cybeats Achieves Organizational Maturity Milestone With SOC 2 Certification

Cybeats Achieves Organizational Maturity Milestone With SOC 2 Certification

Cybeats Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed ‘System and Organization Controls’ (SOC) 2 certification, achieving a significant organizational maturity milestone. SOC 2 certification provides credibility with customers in specific target verticals such as industrial controls, healthcare, and automotive industries, where high levels of data security are essential.

Today, tech companies often require SOC 2 certification, as it signals a high degree of organizational maturity and internal information security. Cybeats has been confirmed by MHM Professional Corporation1 to meet the AICPA Trust Service Criteria, verified through an in-depth independent audit focusing on security, availability, and confidentiality. With SOC 2 compliance, Cybeats is equipped to meet specific needs of key industries and provide customers with confidence that their sensitive data is protected by a trusted partner.

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“Cybersecurity is not a destination, but a continuous journey. SOC 2 compliance certification demonstrates an important milestone for Cybeats and provides the validation of our continued commitment to protecting our current and prospective clients,” said Evgeniy Kharam, CISO of Cybeats.

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